Clients Testimonials

CEO, Rodale Institute

A personal and professional transition and transformation. 

“Don was a coach and mentor to me during a time of profound transition. He drew upon a deep well of personal experience and wondrous truths that helped to guide me in highly impactful ways as I navigated significant personal and professional changes in my life. He is a truly inspirational and actionable coach and I would highly recommend Don to anyone in my network that is looking to make positive and lasting change.”

- Jeff Tkach, CEO Rodale Institute

Founder & CEO Proactive Discovery

Scaling a business and building resilience.

Over the past few months, Don has provided amazing insights into business growth strategies. Don helped me refocus my efforts related to creating scalable service offerings to support organizational growth. One such crucial aspect was the streamlining of our client on-boarding process to lower the engagement barrier created by sensitive digital forensic investigations and eDiscovery projects. On a personal health note, Don has been able to show the importance of mental/physical health as a business owner. Through his coaching I am beginning to incorporate a holistic approach to increase my stamina and resilience.

- Martin Siefert

Epiq Systems

Game-changing innovation and leadership.

“I worked with Don McLaughlin for almost 10 years at Falcon Discovery, a legal services firm that Don founded and led until its sale in 2014. During this time I watched him literally transform the legal e-Discovery landscape, setting a precedent that most legal services companies are still trying to mimic. I learned a great deal on how to run a company, lead a successful team, and develop a game-changing business model. Don was always encouraging, helpful, and available if I needed any help whatsoever. I can say definitively that Don was key to my career development and I would not be where I am today without his leadership!”

- Drew Wright

Founder and CEO, Today's Practitioner

“I've worked with Don for years.
He has a unique way of providing guidance and perspective that I found extremely helpful as I navigated both professional and personal challenges during that time period. I was at a crossroads with my business and he inspired and guided me to double down, build out the team and ultimately helped me navigate the sale of the business with a great exit.

I found Don's thoughtful approach not only benefitted me at the time by driving more personal clarity, but gave me a framework I still tap into every day.”

- Rob Lutz, Founder and CEO

Co-Owner, Alchemy Bikes

Next level performance.

“I highly recommend Don for organizations and leaders seeking to move to the next level of performance.”

- Joel Morrow

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